Skincare routine

In summer I love to have a very light scincare routine and to take care more than in other months to use SPF. In the morning I start with the gentle gel cleanser from Oskia combined with the face cloths from Votary. Afterwords I use the hyaluronic acid from Merme that makes your skin plump and prepares it perfectly for the make up. I finish with the day cream from Josh Rosebrook with SPF 30 that calms your skin without feeling heavy - together with the hydrating accelerator I never wanna miss in my routine.

In the evening I remove the make up with the Kahina Beauty oil cleanser, afterwords cleaning the face with the gel cleanser from Oskia. The Active Infusion Serum from Josh Rosebrook is giving your skin everything - its calming, nourishing, repairing. After a short time I apply the face oil from La Belle Lune: a powerful elixir that gives your skin vitamins, omegas, amino acids for a balanced skin.

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