Acqua di Parma: Osmanthus

A floral fruity scent where you can smell the sun. Osmanthus blooms in the rock forests of South Asia for only one day. In China the osmanthus is considered to be the flower of bliss. For the bride is it to a happy sign of prosperity and welcome. An old oriental legend says a god wanted to bring well-being and harmony to mankind, so he has had thrown the seeds from the moon paradise to earth.

_____ Top notes: green mandarin, neroli.

Heart notes: peony, pink pepper, ambrette.

Base notes: Osmanthus, Patchouli. _____

dress: Elateliersecreto.

Osmanthus smells warm and sensual and let me feel the depth thats inside the flower thats closed for so long until it blooms. It inspired me really much to this photoshoot - and let me think: Why we are that impatient with ourselves so often? Why do we wanna reach success immediately while the nature shows us every single day that every flower has its own time to bloom?!

hand knitted top with vintage yarn: Cole Slivka. *perfume pr sample: Karla Otto.

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