Julia Seyfarth behind advent calendar door #20

Whatever fashion you choose, it should be comfortable and of good quality. Sensual silk with an unique pattern, a warm wool skirt that fits perfectly, a coat tailored to your body measurements. To slip into Julia Seyfarth's dresses is like a second skin. The best fabrics give a feeling of luxury and well-being.

For me it all started in summer of 2009, I saw the movie Coco Chanel in the cinema and I was in love with every detail. How Coco (Audrey Tautou) touched the fabrics and how she got her inspiration for her fashion impressed me deeply. I said to myself at that time "I wish people would dress theirselves like this today" and I dreamed of wearing tailor-made clothes one day, if not sewing something myself. But more years passed and I understood what quality means and why it is worth paying for it. And more years passed until I found my way to vintage fashion.

It is a special feeling to put on a perfectly fitting garment that can be combined with everything in the wardrobe. When I get ask if I prefer true vintage or reproductions I always answer: bespoke clothing. Of course its the most luxurious answer but when you spend weeks or months to search exactly that what you search for or when you simply don't find the perfect fit for your body, its quite frustrating. It makes sense to invest in one perfect piece instead in 10 pieces you never wear. It's all about classics that will be a favourite for years - that's exactly what Julia's clothes are. Julia feels inspired by the 1920s-50s, not only in terms of clothing, but also in the fact that women at that time knew what they dressed best. No matter which resources they had- they always dressed up beautiful!

Julia Seyfarth creates new collections regularly - like these garments I am wearing. The coat is the newest addition. But she also creates individual fashion, wedding dresses and she brings certain wishes concerning cut, colour, material to reality. She is a one-woman-brand, every process made by her own hands. I am very happy she is on board for my very special advent calendar door today! As a small business its always hard, so lets spread the love for all the women who bring our wardrobe dreams to reality!

Today you can win a 50€ gift voucher from Julia Seyfarth.

If you want to participate, follow these steps:

- comment below with a valid mail address what high quality means to you!

- follow Madame.rhos and Julia Seyfarth on Instagram and like the latest post. The give away lasts exactly 24 hours until 9am CET.

I keep my fingers crossed for you!

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