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You have long asked for my hair routine - now it is finally online. But at the beginning I have to say that I am not a hairdresser and not a stylist. I don't have ambitions to create the perfect hairstyle, because also in the 1950's it was not like that. Many women went to the hairdresser every week, got their hair done and simply set it in the evening.

What we know from pictures are Hollywood stars whose hair is also done by hairdressers. We can orient ourselves and try to recreate it - but we all have different hair and face shapes, there are many factors that depend on what we can do with our hair that we could look like in a Hollywood photo. No matter how high our ambitions are: it's ok when our hair flies wild, because even in the 50s there was wind and weather!

I wash my hair once a week. This may sound strange to many, but years ago I suddenly had a very sensitive scalp and my hair was no longer clean with any shampoo - then I started to wash my hair only with soda and in the process I trained my scalp that it only needs a wash once a week. That's even longer possible, but since I also add some products to my hair over the week, the hair simply needs a wash then.

I have been using the Hydration Shampoo from Rahua since its launch 1.5 years ago. Not a conditioner. Its not my natural hair colour, so every 2 months it gets dyed. After this process I use either Conditioner or the Color Hair Mask from Rahua. Otherwise, I don't do the step after shampooing because I need a good grip for the vintage waves - conditioners and masks make my hair too soft. But I still have the shine - more about that later.

After my hair has dried a bit, I comb it with the brush No.1 from Michael van Clarke and add the styling product, which later gives the waves the necessary hold. In this case it is the Suavecita Grooming Spray. It's not natural cosmetic - because the only alternative is my homemade flaxseed gel (see instructions here). The problem with the gel is that it has to be renewed weekly and kept cool, which is why it is not suitable for travelling. That's why I've been testing this spray for a while now and use it when I don't have that much time. The flaxseed gel is a really good alternative - for everyone with a fridge around. Also years later I am impressed how much power it has - and thats pure nature! 

Important: the product has to be put into damp hair, then it hold is better afterwords (thanks to my friend and hairdresser Malte!). I used to treat each curl individually with the product when setting it in, but there is either too much or too little product in the hair and in any case the time for the next hair wash is much shorter.

Usually I let my hair air dry afterwards - for this blog post I have now blow dried it to show the shine effect in the following photo. Due to the heat I put the Rahua Leave-In Treatment into the tips, which is not used that often anymore. But for modern hairstyles I can only recommend it! With a round brush the product gives hair like at the hairdresser including memory effect. Back then it was my absolute favourite product from Rahua. Today I use it now and then in combination.

Despite grooming spray, which gives grip instead of shine, and blow-drying that dries out the hair, the hair is shiny. Since I only wash my hair once a week, use a shampoo that washes my hair but also nourishes it, this is a good start. But every type of hair is different - I didn't have any big problems back then either. As you can see, I didn't give any care to the tips, because that would also make the hair too soft. I do this step before the washing as a treatment or with a very light oil, if my hair needs some care in the shaped hair.

I can recommend absolutely every of these four products. I've had the luxurious Rahua elixir for many years and it lasts for a long time. The Legendary Oil is very light and can also be used as body oil, it absorbs quickly and is therefore ideal to add some care to the hair in between, especially in winter. The Hydration Detangler also smells divine, oh! And it is ideal if you want to add some conditioner after washing the hair - no matter if its still wet or already dry. But since it takes the grip away again, I also use it very careful. The latest product is the Founder's Blend, which soothes and calms the scalp. I apply it to the scalp several times a week when it is irritated and at the same time I have a smoother effect on the hair when I comb it afterwords. That means I don't wash the product out.

Back to the evening - when the hair is dry, I set it into my curlers. I wet each curl with water - since the Grooming spray has such a good mist, I use the empty bottle of it and fill it up again and again with water. I turn all the curls inwards. I don't follow any pattern, I just divide into three parts - right, left and the back of the head.

Then I spray the whole head again with water and wrap it in my Silk Hair Turban from Holistic Silk.

Then I go to sleep.

The next morning I remove the curlers and comb the hair with my Mason Pearson brush. It's also possible to use another with the same function, I've just this one here for many years and it has the perfect size that I unfortunately haven't found in other price ranges yet.

When my hair needs a new wash, but this is not possible due to lack of time, I use the Seidenpuder from Dr. Hauschka (also great as body powder!), which works like a dry shampoo.

If my scalp is irritated, I use the Founders Blend, which I do not wash out - it even supports the styling and brush out.

The Cream Wax gives the hold, the Smoothing Hair Balm I use regularly for flying hair. No matter which product I use, I make sure to apply as light as possible so as not to weigh down the hair.

I backcomb the front part and roughly the rest of the hair. Then I comb everything again, smoothening the front gently with the side of the comb.

With hair clips I fix the waves. When the hair is freshly washed and it needs being in shape for hours, I use hair spray. The Defining hair spray from Rahua and Josh Rosebrook are my natural favourites with a strong hold, but I use the one from Sachajuan - it also gives strong hold, but on top the mist is very fine that everything is evenly on the hair. Unfortunately, natural cosmetics can't offer that yet, so I'm making an exception in this point (during working on this blog post I saw that the Josh Rosebrook spray has a new packaging, so maybe the mist is much more fine now - I keep you updated when I tested it!). In addition, it is enough product for the next days, because in the evening I set the hair again only with water and the hair is even more in shape in the morning and doesn't need more product.

On normal days I do not use hairspray at all. Because as little product as possible - and hair spray sticks together the hair, no matter how little you use. So I do this brush out with hair spray just for concerts, events and shootings.

When the hairspray is dry, I remove the clips. And if everything fits well, the look is finished. Combing again makes the look more smooth.

Today you can win CUSTOMIZABLE DAILY HAIR CARE KIT and the FOUNDER'S BLEND (total worth 90€) from Rahua.

If you want to participate, follow these steps:

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The give away lasts exactly 24 hours until 8am CET.

I keep my fingers crossed for you!

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