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When you are a child, you hear the wishes "love, happiness and health" quite clichéd. You don't find health that important. Old people talk about health as if it were a boring topic like talking about the weather. But you grow and you learn that health is above everything. We can be rich in experience, money, love and happiness. But what when we have all this, what if we are ill? It steps back, we cannot enjoy all the luck so much, because there always remains the one wish "please let me be healthy". It is never all good together, there will always be desires and it is also good to strive further and also to be grateful. But if we are healthy, we have the strength to realize our desires. Which is why we pay more attention to our health as we get older.

I have often mentioned how important it is to listen to our body, which is always a mirror to us. So we notice the imbalance very quickly on the skin. Depending on the condition of the skin, influences have different effects. In my case they are impurities - whether I eat too much sugar or have too much stress. No cosmetics can conjure up more. And no make-up can cover when our skin is not in balance. It's all a cycle that interacts. And that's why today I have two shops for you, that take up exactly that.

Genuine Selection is a German natural cosmetics shop that was launched this year. Sina and Jonas are the founder, a married couple who offer an exquisite and high-quality selection of cosmetic products. Many of them are from abroad and here in Germany otherwise not available. Unless you accept high shipping and customs costs. I got to know Sina personally even before her shop launch, a warm and open-minded woman who makes no compromises when it comes to quality. All the more I was curious how she would design her shop - here you can see for yourself! Beautiful aesthetics, a wonderful selection, everything is explained detailed and if you are still unsure, you can order samples of the products. There is a lot of research before a product is added to the shop and you can also feel that as a buyer, because Sina has an answer to every question!

Its an holistic approach, you really feel that!

Okoko cosmétique is a skincare brand from Canada that concentrates to help with acne and dry skin. The products are very special and your are curious even before you tried anything - just have look here! Les 16 PRÉCIEUX ™ Serum is for every skin type! Like the name says it contains 16 oils. A very special one is bakuchiol - that is natural retinol! Also there is white lupin extract (what is patented!) that strengthens the skin and tightens the contours and fermented silver willow bark that moisturizes and reduces inflammation. Its a pure power cocktail that evens, nourishes, strengthens your skin!

I love gemstone rollers since years! First I had a jade roller and now I have several in my collection. And I cannot stop because they really help - you massage your face with a roller and it improves the blood circulation, promotes the lymph flow and your skincare product can work much better. Also it reduces swellings and relieves inflammations!

This little roller from Mount Lai isn't available solo but as a limited edition in a set (look here). I didn't thought I would need another roller that is smaller but yes, its perfect under eyes!!! And the brand is a dream - their selection is so beautiful!

Of course Genuine Selection also offers healthcare products - here we have one of the most easiest ways to create a ritual, some slow time für yourself and giving your body so much love back: tea. The Golden Turmeric Tea is an Ayurvedic herbal blend grown on a small, independent farm in Sri Lanka. Turmeric, ginger, lemongrass and cinnamon are a fresh, earthy and warm combination to lift your mind and bring sun into your body!

Today you can win these 3 products (total worth 100€) from Genuine Selection.

If you want to participate, follow these steps:

- comment below with a valid mail address which natural beauty brand you always wanted to test!

- follow Madame.rhos and Genuine Selection on Instagram and like the latest post.

The give away lasts exactly 24 hours until 9am CET.

Talking about healthcare we need also talk about nutritions. Sunday Natural is one of the renowned German quality manufacturers, with its own research and development department in Berlin. Sunday is the day of rest, contemplation and regeneration - thats where the name of the brand comes from. The symbol is an opening lotus blossom that is a symbol for individual and harmonious unfolding but also a strong symbol of flawless purity. We also have here the holistic approach to help with superfoods, teas, nutrients and essential oils - everything with the highest quality.

I thought about a package for you that is essential but also perfect for the winter season.

Vitamin D is even now important when the days are short and dark. We hardly consume it through food, but the skin produce it with the help of the sun. Vitamin D is converted into an important hormone in the body, which controls the function of the cells and numerous physical processes. Almost all body cells have special receptors for the vitamin D hormone and are dependent on a sufficient supply of vitamin D.

Vitamin B12 is found almost just in meat and dairy products. Thats why its so important as a vegetarian and vegan to ensure an adequate supply of vitamin B12. It is a vital vitamin and plays a central role in cell metabolism. Numerous important biological processes such as blood formation, cell division, energy metabolism and the protection of nerves urgently depend on an adequate supply of vitamin B12.

Iron is a vital essential trace element that is essential for oxygen transport in the blood, for cell formation and respiration, as well as for maintaining the immune system and normal cognitive performance. Organic iron from organic curry leaves is the world's only certified organic iron source. This supplement contains Acerola with much Vitamin C.

Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin and connective tissue elastic and is a significant component of the synovial fluid and the tear film and vitreous humour of the eye.

From the age of 25, the body's own hyaluronic acid production decreases annually as part of the aging process. Like I already told you here, it doesn't just make your skin more plump, it also helps with wounds that heal faster with hylaruonic acid, especially as a supplement.

Last but not least we have in this gorgeous healthy package tea in winter. For this Assam tea, only the youngest two leaves and buds were harvested from specially selected tea bushes that are over 100 years old. These are pruned in a special way in winter, and in spring an in-house paste is applied to the bark to give them even more nutrients during the growth phase. The carefully harvested leaves are gently wilted as quickly as possible, then rolled by hand and dried evenly. Only a few kilos are produced each year. While I write this blog post I am drinking my second cup of Assam tea and I really love it! It is soft and not too spicy, very warm and a perfect blend!

Today you can win these 4 supplements & 1 tea (total worth 90€)

from Sunday Natural.

If you want to participate, follow these steps:

- comment below with a valid mail address your experiences with nutritions!

- follow Madame.rhos and Sunday Natural on Instagram and like the latest post. The give away lasts exactly 24 hours until 9am CET.

I keep my fingers crossed for you!

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