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I love the ballet, its pure discipline and pure inspiration together! I adore the silhouettes and I could watch to ballerinas for hours and hours. Twisting around with a petticoat and elegant gloves gives my inner child the purest joy! (And I hope every ballerina whoever reads that, will just see the love, not my totally unprofessional moves haha!).

But to move like a feather needs comfortable shoes - when I explored Charlie Stone 1,5 years ago I was more than happy Sam agreed to work with me. It was a time where many ignored me but she believed in me and my work. Presenting her shoes is not just presenting fashion, its more, its passion and love for aesthetics. Who followed me on Instagram since back then knows my support for Charlie Stone shoes. And also the adorable history of the name - Sam is married with an Italian who pronounced "Charleston" (here you see the connection to dance again) like a real Italian would do. And the brands name "Charlie Stone" was born!

Here you see my very first pair of Charlie Stone flats. The white Sardinias. They are sold out now but I remember like it was yesterday that I was so desperate finding white shoes that are beautiful but also have high quality. Impossible - but not with Charlie Stone.

Sam never stops to develop her brand to new additions and always tries to make it better and better. When you think the shoes are perfect like they are, she comes with new launches around the corner. A big deal were the vegan additions that I completely adore! They are as comfy as the leather flats and you don't notice any difference when you are wearing them!

Also the different designs give different feet (if narrow, regular or wide) the best stage - thats awesome! Normally there is one kind of foot that can wear a brands shoes and everyone else has hurt feet or simply can't purchase them.

Another new addition was to transform all new shoes with a quick release buckle that makes it easier to put the shoes on. You can be sure that Sam always will surprise you! Also when you never own a pair before - you will understand the comfiness because every shoe has a soft cushioned insole and you walk more elegant because they are not completely flat, they have a 20mm internal heel elevation and 10mm external heel.


from Charlie Stone.

(because many styles are running out fast, the winner can choose any pair that is actually at the store)

If you want to participate and to win, follow these steps:

- comment below with a valid mail address which pair of shoes you would choose!

- follow Madame.rhos and Charlie Stone on Instagram and like the latest post.

The give away lasts exactly 24 hours until 9am CET.

I keep my fingers crossed for you!

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