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With all the beauty of Christmas, the end of the year always means a lot of work. Stress is pre-programmed and our whole body longs for relaxation. Today, right before Christmas, I have a huge package of pampering products from Amazingy for you!

Every single product is a big favorite, so lets look what Santa brings to you:

The Toner from Kjaer Weis was launched this year. The glass bottle is an upgrade for every bathroom. The product itself contains lavender water and Melissa water to nourish and calm your skin. A very luxurious product that gives your skin its balance back. I adore Kjaer Weis for the make up products since years - for everyone who feels the same, let me tell you: you won't be disappointed, the skin care products are gorgeous as well!

Another very luxurious brand is May Lindstrom. I adore every single product and I am still endless sad that she doesn't produce the Honey Mud anymore. But here we have the Jasmine Garden, a face mist that gives you a dream with its benefits for the skin. Witch hazel, jasmine, rose, yang-ylang and vanilla are balanced so perfectly that the scent is just heavenly. Witch hazel balances your skin, rose kisses you gently, jasmine takes your hand for a relaxing walk. May always does such a gorgeous job, you never wanna miss this product in your bathroom anymore!

Before I experienced the two brands above I came in touch with the products from Tata Harper everyone was raving about. I ordered many samples, bought a travel size kit and during this photoshoot my boyfriend said "oh Tata Harper, I remember like it was yesterday when you was non stop talking about the brand!" - what gave me a big smile. Because yes, I couldn't stop! The Resurfacing mask contains pomegranate enzymes, pink clay and white willow. Your skin is cleansed, detoxified and and refreshed - you are gifted with a glow afterwords!

No beauty package without a bathing product: The Moonlight Bath Soak from NINI Organics brings you highest relaxation before going to bed. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Magnesium Flakes and and Lavendula detoxify and relax your body.

The hyaluronic acid from Susanne Kaufmann is one of my favourite products from the brand. It lifts and smooths your skin.

Also Le Baume Céleste from Absolution that I reviewed here. The cleansing gel is very gentle and helps impurities with blue tansy.

FYI cosmetics offers gentle products that you can mix and match together. The oils just contain one ingredient. Here we have prickly seed oil that is often in eye products to brighten the under eye area. It is very light and a game ganger to help with the first sights of aging.

The second product from the brand is squalane that I've never seen as a single ingredient product before. Its made of sugarcane beets and is popular in many products for its smoothing effect. So here you have this effect in its highest potential and you can mix it with all your favs - it gives intense hydration for every skin type without any irritation.

I couldn't live without my beauty tools - besides rollers you also should know and have a Gua Sha Stone. This here is made of rose quartz. The skin care products can work better with the increased blood flow and the massage is essential in my routine! I am incredible relaxed and my skin is very thankful for it as well - less impurities and very smooth, contoured skin. Your mind and skin dont wanna miss it! The stone comes with this lovely Amazingy pouch for your products.

Votary is a brand I tested because of the high skills from Sarah Khurshid who is the PR and communications manager from Amazingy (here she talked about the heavenly perfumes from Pauline Rochas). The Super Seed Facial Oil is fragrance free and contains 21 oils. For me its one of these products I completely can trust on when my skin is irritated and more sensitive. The whole blend is very special, dry and acne skin are both happy with it. Thanks to Sarah who introduced me to the brand, otherwise I wouldn't have developed such a big love for it!

Another big recommendation from Sarah was this hand cream from De Lilou. It is very deeply nourishing and you don't need that much product - your hands are soft as heaven! The smell is sweet and you cannot live without the cream in winter!

Last but not least a comb - an often forgotten essential! Who has the place in every bag for a big brush? So a comb is the perfect compromise to make the best of every weather and after many hours at work. The Kent brushes are handmade and are gentle to hair and scalp. Never without it in my handbag!

Today you can win this all these products (worth 625€) from Amazingy.

If you want to participate, follow these steps:

- comment below with a valid mail address your favourite beauty routine in winter!

- follow Madame.rhos and Amazingy on Instagram and like the latest post. The give away lasts exactly 24 hours until 9am CET.

I keep my fingers crossed for you!

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