Ellis Brooklyn: Fawn

I discovered Ellis Brooklyn years ago with the bodylotion Pseudonym which is still my favorite scent! Back then I just knew the body products, then the founder Bee Shaprio launched perfumes and candles (oh my, I really need to order the Pseudonym one!!!). The name of the brand is a combination of her daughters name (Ellis) and the location where she lived (Brooklyn).

Fawn is a scent with Sicilian Bergamot, Coconut Milk, Neroli and much more but these are the notes that work on my skin the most. Its simply summer, so no wonder I wore it pretty much in Italy. It has a light depth that gives me the feeling of having summer all year around.

dress: Sondeflor, hat: Celeste Lilou, flowers: humanandflowers

*perfume pr sample from Karla Otto

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